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Ozgun mold is a Turkish company that produces dies and machinery for jewelry. It was launched in the early 2000s and has been exceeding expectations since then. Ozgun Mold has been distinguished from similar companies due to its high-quality standards and dedicated team which helped the company reach success in a short period of time. Today, in a market that has changed very much and has become worldwide, Ozgun Mold is a company that has been able to transform itself in order to remain competitive in the market.


Ozgun Mold has been revised in every single aspect, from the simple details to the sinister ones. Ozgun mold has become dynamic and versatile in all of its fields; machines have become more efficient, Die molds more reliable and samples more diverse. Ozgun Mold has built a wide network of clients, enabling the company to personalize requests from any client. Today, Ozgun Mold is focusing on continuous development and research, experimenting with new solutions, and focusing on technological development, the intention is to provide continuously improved services and products to our valued clients.

Die Molds and Tools

Die molds and working equipment for jewelry manufacturing.

Minting Tools

Minting tools for gold bars, coins, and medals.

Jewelry Machines

Jewelry manufacturing machinery.

Quality Priority

Since the beginning of Ozgun Mold, quality has been the number 1# priority and will always be. Ozgun Mold implicit strict quality standards on all of its sectors, using the best machinery and raw materials available, allowing us to provide tools and machines that are reliable and ready to produce efficiently. Our aims to make our dies and machinery not only reliable but also simple and intuitive. We use State of the art machinery for production as well as a very delicate and committed post-production process to assure the best quality and the shortest production time. Ozgun Mold employees work in dedication and precision to produce quality products that satisfy our clients.

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